UIA 2017 Seoul Special Exhibition
Forum on the Self-Evolving City of the Future

The forum was held at the Seoul Museum of Art on February 11, 2017
Opening speech
Jong Ruhl Hahn, President of the Congress UIA 2017 Seoul Organizing Committee/Hyoo-joon Choi, Director of the Seoul Museum of Art

Session 1. Technological Revolution and Future City

- Sung-Bae Cho (professor of Computer Science at Yonsei University) : Technology and Prospect of Artificial Intelligence for Future Society [Manuscript]

- Young-Jun Moon (Chief Director of National Transport Technology R&D Center) : Technological Revolution and Future City - Three-dimensional Traffic Network based on the Automotive-ICT incorporation [Manuscript]

Session 2. East Asian society and Future City

-Sung Do Kim(professor of Linguistics at Korea University) : Opinion on the Anthropology of Dwelling: The Poetic and Ecological Origin of Dwelling [Manuscript]

-Inha Jung(professor of Architecture at Hanyang University) : Zhuangzi Philosophy and Urban Civilization in East Asia [Manuscript]

Session 3. Architecture of the future, Cities of the Future

- Tesoc Hah (architect and director of SCALe) : The Adaptive City: Time-based Architecture and Urbanism [Manuscript]

- Taig Youn Cho(Professor of Industrial Design at Hongik University) : City and Architecture Awaiting Us in the Future [Manuscript]


with Yongseok Jeon (artist and member of Flying City), Saehoon Kim (Assistant Professor of Urban Studies Design at Seoul National University), Pilsoo Maing(AIA and co-founder of MMK+)

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